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Best Audiology clinics near me

2 results found for 'Audiology' in Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, Fashion Parking, Dubai - 3.25 kilometers

Mediclinic - Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, Fashion Parking, Dubai - 3.25 kilometers
Audiology Dermatology Obstetrics & Gynaecology + 20 more

Breast Screening (Mammogram)

CT scan (Computer Tomography)

Cardiac Diagnostic Service

MRI Scan

USS (Ultrasound)

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Mediclinic Dubai Mall insists on measurable quality clinical outcomes, enforcing good corporate governance and acting as a responsible corporate citizen. It's Dubai’s biggest largest outpatient care medical centre, actually inside the Dubai Mall, which is the world’s biggest shopping complex. This is the home of brilliant state-of-the-art medical facilities including day surgery, endoscopy, outpatient consultations and treatment rooms, a beautifully equipped physiotherapy gym and every kind of diagnostic imaging. There's an on-site lab and pharmacy too, and the clinic offers a broad choice of medical surgeries for people of every age, covering primary, secondary and tertiary medical services.

Essential primary healthcare comes from several multidisciplinary clinics within the community, which refer patients to hospitals as well as providing follow up care at various specialist units. There's a Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Stroke Centre and Metabolic Centre, and Breast Centre, places where multidisciplinary teams work together to deliver the most effective treatments to patients, and there are regular special offers as well as comprehensive health packages available for men and women. Because it makes sense to identify potential problems before they arise, and stay in the best possible health at all times, the clinic provides an impressive variety of consultations, laboratory tests and screening examinations carried out by top class specialists.

There are also cosmetic services and specialised Mediclinic Baby clinics available, where you'll enjoy very high standards of personalised service, from the second you realise you're expecting a child to the magical time you leave the hospital with your baby in your arms. 

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NMC Speciality Hospital Al Nahda

7 A St, Amman St , Dubai - 10.69 kilometers

NMC Speciality Hospital Al Nahda

7 A St, Amman St , Dubai - 10.69 kilometers
Audiology Anaesthetics Allergy Medicine + 30 more

Private Pregnancy Package

Teeth Whitening

Fertility Screening

Same Day Paediatric Consultation

Fertility Treatment Packages

Ano-Rectal Physiology testing

Colonic Transit Test

Hydrogen Breath Test (for bacteria and malabsorption)

IBS Check (Blood Test)

Oesophageal (Gut) physiology testing

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NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai is a multispecialty hospital providing quality and trusted healthcare services to the people of Dubai and Northern Emirates. The hospital is affiliated with all major national as well as international insurance companies and operates a well-equipped laboratory offering extensive investigative facilities supported by a centralised computerised system. The hospital has rare investigations and tests, not available locally as well as a Radiology department that offers state-of-the-art equipment

The hospital serves as the referral centre of choice for smaller medical centres and clinics in Dubai and surrounding areas.

The in-house pharmacy is open 24 hours every day of the week and Specialist doctors are available for consultation and treatment round-the-clock. The hospital provides ambulance service facilities.

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What is Audiology? 

Audiology is the field involving the study of hearing and balance. It involves the diagnosis, assessment, management and rehabilitation of people with hearing and balance problems and the disorders associated with them. As the study of hearing and balance, it involves special expertise in the inner ear.

Audiology combines the latest technology with modern medical science to resolve hearing and balance disorders. Diagnostic testing reveals the nature of the disorder, and treatment often involves an auditory rehabilitation consultation, including hearing aids, cochlear implant pre-evaluation, plus post-implantation care. 

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What procedures can you find at an Audiology clinic? 

  • Hearing examinations, tests and screening  
  • Hearing aid fitting, adjustment and maintenance 
  • Treatment for balance disorders
  • Advice and treatment for tinnitus
  • Hearing and speech rehabilitation 
  • Hearing loss evaluations
  • Recommending hearing aids and assistive technology 
  • Evaluating and treating issues around balance 
  • Noise and hearing loss prevention advice 
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What should you expect at an Audiology clinic?

A hearing care professional will assess your hearing and pin down whether your hearing issue is caused by a medical condition. If so, they will refer you to the right kind of medical professional. They’ll physically examine your ear or ears, and might test your hearing as well using a pressure test, tone test, speech test or all three. You’ll discuss the results and findings together before the audiologist comes up with a unique treatment plan.  

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